Budget Yard Waste Solutions : Reduce The Cost Of Removing Your Old Landscaping

When you have a large amount of landscaping material to remove from your property, there are a few ways to reduce the expenses involved in taking the waste materials away. Here's what you need to know:

Take the time to plan the removal of material as part of any landscaping job.

The reasons you should remove excess vegetation, soil, rocks, and other landscaping materials are many. The most vital consideration is the safety of your home. Decaying wood and vegetation attracts home-damaging insects and makes your home more prone to catching fire.

An excess of rocks, clay, or other substances may need to be hauled away to create a driveway, garden, or playground. Storms can also spread unwanted limbs and debris around your property.

You may believe that you can just toss these materials into the nearby vacant lot or leave them at the edge of the woods, but this is unwise from both a fire safety standpoint and an ecological one.

Plan ahead for the removal of materials after scheduled projects, and have a plan in place for potential storm damage.

Renting a roll off dumpster may be all you'll need to do.

If you don't have a large amount of heavy material, it may be possible to use a roll off dumpster to handle all of your landscaping waste. Each dumpster firm will tell you precisely what they will haul, and many are willing to carry away bagged leaves, mulch, branches, and other debris.

Some companies will take small amounts of dirt and rocks as long as the levels don't reach the top of dumpsters and the combined weight doesn't exceed road limits. As you're planning out landscaping work or preparing an emergency storm clean-up list, consult with your local dumpster providers to find out for certain which types of materials they will and will not haul away.

Contact a company like Tri-State Disposal for more info on what you can and can't put in a rented dumpster.

How to handle material that can't be placed in a roll off dumpster.

If you have a large job and you'll have to rent a dumpster anyway, you don't want the additional expense of hiring another crew to haul off the yard waste, but this is one solution. Another solution is to use a modest-sized roll off dumpster and have many smaller loads hauled away, but this method is only cost-effective if the dump or landfill is located close to your property.

If you have rocks or topsoil, there are people who will pick up these materials. Find local pond-building, landscaping, and gardening forums to advertise that you're giving away materials they will use. Likewise, some woodworkers and people who heat with wood will help homeowners remove large trees and branches if you put out the word on the internet and let the neighbors know. They may not remove all of the debris in your yard, but their efforts will make your landscaping waste easier to manage and it won't cost you a thing.

Whether you're upgrading a lawn to make it more drought tolerant, or you're landscaping to make your property less prone to fire damage, consult your local dumpster rental business to learn the rules about clearing all types of waste from your property.

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