Three Tips for Preventing Spiders from Infesting Your Home's Air Ducts

To ensure that your home's HVAC system runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, it's important to keep any and all bugs from infiltrating your air ducts. Since they can survive for such a long time without moving in your ducts, spiders are an especially pertinent concern. When you want to prevent spiders from infesting your home's air ducts, use these three tips.

Sift through Attic Insulation Surrounding Your Ducts to Find Leaks

While it's relatively easy to spot leaks on some sections of your ducts, other sections, such as the one that runs through your attic, can be more difficult to deal with. Especially if you rely on lots of foam insulation to keep the cold in your attic out of the rest of your home, it's easy for leaks in ducts right next to the floor or wall to remain out of sight.

When you encounter a duct that's right next to insulation, run your hand under the hidden part and try to feel for any holes. If you find a hole, going to the trouble of completely removing and reapplying the insulation it's obscured by is worth it.

Utilize Traps for Multiple Kinds of Smaller Bugs

All the spiders in your home will eventually die out if there are no smaller bugs left for them to prey on. To kill off bugs, you can do everything from sealing off your windows with a specialized bug repellent sealant to setting up bug traps for multiple kinds of insects in crawlspaces and room corners.

If you do decide to set up traps, check them all every few weeks or so to see whether they need to be replaced. Otherwise, you probably won't be able to kill bugs fast enough and the spiders in your home will still have plenty of food.

Use a Handheld Vacuum on All Easily Reachable Ducts

Even if you don't see spiders on an initial inspection of your ducts, a handheld vacuum run along the ducts can be very effective at getting rid of any that you missed. Additionally, there are few tools other than handheld vacuums that are capable of quickly cleaning up a large number of tiny bug carcasses.

If you set up any spider traps near your ducts, cleaning up dust and debris in the area with a vacuum is very important. If you don't, even if the trap comes with an attraction that's much more appealing than all the debris in the room, nearby spiders will get distracted very easily.

If you need further help to get rid of spiders, contact a company like Environmental Services Pest Control.

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