About An Inefficient Oil Furnace And Getting The Tank Refilled

Does your home heating system run off of an oil furnace and isn't as efficient as it once was? There are several things that can lead to an oil furnace not providing a sufficient amount of heat, including simply needing to invest in a new one. Find out in this article what you should know about a malfunctioning oil furnace.

What Causes an Oil Furnace to Become Inefficient?

In order for the pilot of an oil furnace to ignite a flame, the oil must be able to flow to the burner. If the pilot is not igniting, there may be something wrong with the oil safety valve. Basically, the oil safety valve is vital because it sends the oil to the burner when you are running the heating system. The valve can stop working if it gets old or develops a lot of rust around it. The filter to your furnace can also pose a problem for the flow of oil if it is full of dirt.

An oil furnace can also become inefficient when it does not have enough oil in the tank to send to the burner. You must understand that the oil tank must be refilled every now and then. The oil is vital in order for complete combustion to occur. Complete combustion is basically how a furnace produces heat by burning the hydrocarbons in fire to release energy, water vapor and carbon dioxide.

There should be an oil gauge on the top area of your furnace that displays the oil level. If there is a low oil level, it is vital for you to stop running your heater until the oil is refilled by a professional. If you attempt running the heater with a low amount of oil, incomplete combustion can occur and release poisonous carbon monoxide in your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Oil Furnace Tank Refilled?

The price for filling an oil furnace tank can fluctuate from year to year. The gallon capacity of your tank also plays a role in how much you are charged. You should expect to pay an average of over $3,800 to get your oil furnace tank refilled. The tank may have to be refilled multiple times during the cold seasons when you are using the heater a lot. Get in touch with an oil company, such as Martin Oil Company, to get your furnace tank refilled as soon as possible!

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