Need Extra Money? Here's 3 Places To Find Scrap Metal Around Your Home

If you find yourself short on cash and struggling to come up with the extra you need to pay a bill, there might be a solution right underneath your nose that you never even thought about before. Scrap dealers are constantly on the lookout for individuals just like you looking to get rid of excess metal they have sitting around their homes. In fact, you might not even realize just how much money you might have sitting there collecting dust. If you aren't sure where to look, consider some of the following places.


All of those old pans and pots that are sitting around not being used are a great source of scrap metal. Your microwave and fridge also contain adequate amounts of metal, as well as copper. Even stainless steel silverware can be classified as scrap metal. Recycling centers are always willing to take your aluminum cans in and give you some spending money in return. Even the aluminum foil that you use to line your baking sheets can be classified as scrap. Another appliance that contains metal is your kitchen stove. Anytime these items fail and you are looking to get rid of them, you need to think about turning them in as scrap metal and putting a little extra back in your pocket.

Bedroom and Living Room

Televisions are an excellent source of metal. The copper yoke and capacitor contain a pretty substantial amount of copper and can net you a decent return. Lamp bases and entry doors composed of aluminum or steel can be recycled as well. Another thing to take in might be your air conditioner. Gutters outside of your home often are composed of aluminum, which can easily be taken in as scrap.

Laundry Room and Bathroom

Just about every electronic item contains some sort of scrap metal. Your washer and dryer is no exception to the rule. Plumbing pipes and bathroom fixtures are great sources of copper. If you have any metal shelves, you could always fetch a nice price at the junkyard.

With so many different items around your home that could bring you money in no time, there is no reason why you should have to struggle. If you have any of these broken or damaged items sitting around, take them in and get some money for your efforts while you clean your space at the same time. One place you can take them is American Northwest Recycling.

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