Determining Well Depth: 3 Benefits Of Deep Water Wells

When you get ready to dig your well, you will have to decide how deep you want it to be. While all wells have to be dug deeper than the water table in your area, you can still decide whether or not to keep your well depth near the top of the water table or go even deeper. Since deeper wells are more likely than shallow wells to have high levels of dissolved minerals, such as salt and iron, they are not favored for drinking water. Shallow wells simply produce better tasting water. However, deeper wells also have their charms, especially if you're not using the water for drinking. Following are three benefits of a deep water well. 

Larger Supply

Deeper wells normally contain a larger supply of water than shallow wells, meaning that you can pump more water from them without worrying that they will go dry. On the downside, it takes rainwater and surface water longer to replenish a deeper well. When a deep well goes dry, it tends to stay dry for several months

Supply Stability

Deep wells are less affected by drought conditions than shallow water wells. In fact, most deep wells will not go dry during a drought. Why? During drought conditions, water doesn't disappear entirely from the ground. It just shrinks further into the ground. You can liken it to the level of water in a drinking glass. When the glass if full, the water is closer to the rim of the glass. As you empty the glass, however, the water gets further and further from the top of the glass. For this reason, many people scramble to deepen their wells when the water supply starts to become unstable. 

 Bacteria Levels

Shallow wells are more easily contaminated by surface bacteria than deeper wells. The reason why less bacteria is found in deeper wells is quite simple: bacteria doesn't thrive and live in the ground. Water drawn from a deep well has spent more time in the ground not only because it takes time for surface water to sink that deep into the ground, but also because it has been stored in the ground for a longer period of time. 

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with a deep water well. Before deciding on the depth of your well, be sure to evaluate your needs and your goals carefully. If you need a large, consistent supply of water, you may want to think about going deeper. If you want better tasting drinking water, however, you may want to think about a shallow well. 

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